About Us


Real Rich Naturals was officially founded in 2019 by Dominique Richardson who wanted to create products for women to feel confident and step out each day in their best skin! Our products embody the concept of “Rich” that transcends monetary value. We offer products “rich” in nourishing qualities for the body.

Back in 2015, Dominique experimented with different butters and oils to create body care products for herself that would eventually replace the store bought lotions in her bathroom. Throughout the years she would share those products with her family and friends, but it was not on her mind to create a business out of it. Through much encouragement, she eventually created Real Rich Naturals to now share with all of you!

Body Care should be an experience you look forward to each day. From our exfoliating body scrub that will leave your skin silky smooth, to our lightweight body oil that will have you glowing all day long, we know you're going to love it! 



Founder, Real Rich Naturals