About Us


Real Rich Naturals was founded in 2019 by Dominique Richardson who wanted to create a natural alternative to chemically laden body care products on the market. Real Rich Naturals embodies the concept of “Rich” that transcends monetary value: products “rich” in nourishing qualities for the body.

Dominique is a fitness and wellness enthusiast who formerly spent 7 years working as a fitness professional in collegiate recreation at the University of Florida and the University of South Florida. During these years she learned to value the importance of health in her personal life as well as others.

Real Rich Naturals is created out of a curiosity to create more natural products for the body that were free of chemicals and preservatives. While on her natural hair journey she ventured into the realm of making body butter and scrub for her personal use. Occasionally, she gave these products to family, friends, and coworkers as gifts. Eventually, they convinced her to make the products available to the masses, and that brings us to the creation of Real Rich Naturals.

Dominique wanted others to rethink their body care routine by offering a variety of products with natural oils and butters. The brand is transparent about all ingredients used to create each product so you, the consumer, can see the quality and attention to detail that was put into their creation. We pride ourselves on the delivery of products used to exfoliate, renew, and nourish the body with amazing scents.



Founder, Real Rich Naturals